Future is Natural

About Us

Our founder, Mrs. Rosita Jaafar is a full-time fashion designer who has been in the

world of fashion and writing books on fashion for over 2 decades.


At one point, she felt like trying a field other than fashion, because of her deep interest in art and design.

One day while resting,surfing the internet she saw a video that revolved around making handmade artisan soap.

She was fascinated by the designs of the soap and the uniqueness that was highlighted and continued to study more about handmade soap.


Mrs. Rosita decided to learn properly how to make artisan handmade soap. She learns from many teachers in Malaysia and including abroad online.

After some time, deepening her knowledge of handmade soaps and natural -based cosmetic products, Mrs. Rosita gained recognition as a formulator and created her own handmade soap which is branded as Royal Soap Premium.

As a formulator of natural-based beauty products, Mrs. Rosita is also able to produce natural-based products such as moisturizing creams, serums and clay masks.


She not only creates but also uses her own products because apart from her interest in the creative and design world, she also suffers from relatively severe skin problems such as dry, dull and fine lines on the face.


As a result, after a few months of using the product she created, Mrs. Rosita's skin is getting better, moisturized and fine lines are reduced.


This is because in the ingredients of her soaps and products, Mrs. Rosita ensures that she uses quality products such as olive oil, Clay, Vitamin E, sunflower oil and more.


Having been confident with her product, Mrs. Rosita also suggested close friends and family to try her products.

They gave positive feedback and most of her friends who have sensitive and dry skin really like this product because of its safe and natural based ingredients.


Now Royal Premium Brand brand has been distributed around Selangor and Kuala Lumpur since Oct 2020.

Puan Rosita intends to further develop this brand and produce soap designs that may be used as souvenirs in certain occasions.

The journey of this brand is still far, always give your support to this brand so that many can benefit from it in the future.